A Bite of Frost – Book Tour and Giveaway

A Bite of Frost Anthology
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
A collection of short stories that will tickle your toes with a touch
of frost and warm your heart with a love bite of romance.

**Only .99 cents or Free in KU!!**
by Lashanta Charles
/vetr/ /vɛːtʏr/
Faroese, Icelandic, Old Norse
noun meaning winter on the outskirts
of Sault Ste. Marie, lives the most powerful Vetur wielder”
 Groomed to be pure perfection in the eyes of a never-satisfied mother, Cyan
struggled to find her place within her clan. She knew her
responsibility to them, but she had yet to deliver. She was supposed
to be theVetur and yet, she wasn’t. They accepted her, failure
and all, they still loved her. But love and acceptance are futile in
the eyes of time. And time is something she can’t take for granted
because soon, it will run out.
Refusing to tempt fate, and for their own selfish gain, those closest to Cyan betrayed
her in the worst way possible. Secrets. Lies. Absolute deception. She
didn’t break though. She snapped.
And when she snapped, time no longer mattered because she would end them all.


**Only .99 cents or Free in KU!!**

LaShanta Charles is from South Carolina, but currently lives in Tacoma, WA.
She’s married, has three tiny humans who constantly mooch off of her,
and is active duty in the US Army. She’s a homebody who adores
SLEEPING, reading (romance, especially RH, paranormal, and sci-fi),
eating, white chocolate mochas, SLEEPING, Reese’s PB Cups (but only
the ones stuffed with Reese’s Pieces), and writing. Oh, and she hates
spiders; why do they need EIGHT legs?
Follow the tour HERE
for exclusive content and a giveaway!


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