Annie’s Song – Book Tour and Giveaway

Annie’s Song
by Anita Dawes
Genre: Disturbing Family Drama 
Family or Freedom, which would you choose?
Life in the backwoods of Virginia at the turn of the century was perfect,
until Annie discovers a nasty family secret.
Something her family have been doing for years.
She knows she cannot live like this but her protests fall on deaf ears.
Her struggle to change everything only makes her life so much worse.
forcing her to try and escape…
Annie’s song echoes through the mountains,
her sorrow falls with every drop of rain.
Pieces of her heart lie scattered throughout the forest.
Will her footsteps lead her to the freedom she seeks?
Anita Dawes loves all things esoteric, magical and the otherworldly and
would prefer to live in a fairy tale. In between these moments, she
likes to visit old churches and ancient buildings.
She has written six fiction novels in various genres, Bad Moon, Simple,
Secrets, The Scarlet Ribbon; Let it Go and Not My Life. Presently
working on a sequel to her popular supernatural romance, The Scarlet Ribbon.
Anita has recently rediscovered her childhood love of poetry and often
writes and posts them online.
Owned by an egocentric black and white cat called Merlin, named after her
favourite hero, Anita dislikes computers and prefers to writes
longhand, sharing a website with Jaye Marie,
who transcribes and edits her work…
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