Inside the Asylum – Book Tour and Giveaway

Inside the Asylum
A Kathy Ryan Novel #2
by Mary SanGiovanni
Genre: Supernatural Horror
Pub Date: 5/7/19
From “master of cosmic horror” (Library Journal) Mary
SanGiovanni, comes the latest terrifying novel featuring occult
specialist Kathy Ryan . . .
A mind is a terrible thing to destroy . . .
Kathy has been hired to assess the threat of patient Henry Banks, an inmate
at the Connecticut-Newlyn Hospital for the Criminally Insane, the
same hospital where her brother is housed. Her employers believe that
Henry has the ability to open doors to other dimensions with his
mind—making him one of the most dangerous men in modern history.
Because unbeknownst to Kathy, her clients are affiliated with certain
government organizations that investigate people like Henry—and the
potential to weaponize such abilities.
What Kathy comes to understand in interviewing Henry, and in her
unavoidable run-ins with her brother, is that Henry can indeed use
his mind to create “Tulpas”—worlds, people, and creatures so
vivid they come to actual life. But now they want life outside of
Henry. And they’ll stop at nothing to complete their emancipation.
It’s up to Kathy—with her brother’s help—to stop them, and if
possible, to save Henry before the Tulpas take him over—and
everything else around him.
Behind the Door
A Kathy Ryan Novel #1
Occult specialist Kathy Ryan returns in this thrilling novel of paranormal
horror from Mary SanGiovanni, the author of Chills . . .
Some doors should never be opened . . .
In the rural town of Zarepath, deep in the woods on the border of New Jersey and
Pennsylvania, stands the Door. No one knows where it came from, and
no one knows where it leads. For generations, folks have come to the
Door seeking solace or forgiveness. They deliver a handwritten letter
asking for some emotional burden to be lifted, sealed with a mixture
of wax and their own blood, and slide it beneath the Door. Three days
later, their wish is answered—for better or worse.
Kari is a single mother, grieving over the suicide of her teenage daughter. She made a
terrible mistake, asking the powers beyond the Door to erase the
memories of her lost child. And when she opened the Door to retrieve
her letter, she unleashed every sin, secret, and spirit ever trapped
on the other side.
Now, it falls to occultist Kathy Ryan to seal the door before Zarepath
becomes hell on earth . . .
Mary SanGiovanni is the author of the Bram Stoker nominated novel The
its sequels Found You and The Triumvirate, Thrall, Chaos, Savage Woods, Chills—which
introduced occult security consultant Kathy Ryan—as well as the novellas For 
Possessing Amy
, and The Fading Place, as well as numerous short stories.
She has been writing fiction for over a decade, has a masters in writing popular fiction from
Seton Hill University, and is a member of The Authors Guild, Penn Writers,
and International Thriller Writers. 
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